Hurricane Panel

Hurricane Panel &

Armor Panel


We at Solara Industries will provide our valued clients with hurricane protection panel that they can make use in their home especially when hurricane strikes their respective country. Furthermore, the Solara Industries have one simple goal and that is to offer those homeowners with our unique and well designed hurricane protection shield.

In order to easily obtain our main goal, we at Solara Industries decided to consult some of the professional and expert chemists and creative engineers to easily generate the unique kind of hurricane protection material. In order for you to be familiar with our hurricane protection panel, here are some of the integral benefits that you will experience with our product.

No cuts

Our hurricane protection panel has smooth and safe edges and this is one of the reasons why you can avoid cuts particularly when you are installing your hurricane protection panel.

Avoid Dark House

Our hurricane protection panel is translucent in order to allow the light to pass through in your home especially during storm.


You can be sure that our hurricane protection panel is convenient to use since you can just hung them, laid flat and rolled for easy storage purposes.


It is attractive since there are no tracks or exterior housing as with steel panels or aluminum. Our hurricane protection panel has inhibitors added, Mildrew and Anti-mold, UV inhibitors and it is fire resistant.

Least Expensive

Our hurricane protection panel comes with affordable cost that will suit with your budget. Our products also pass the test protocols in the state of Florida for polycarbonate panels, aluminum and steel.

Easy Installation

The hurricane protection panel has installation wingnut system that is creatively designed to easily remove and deploy especially when storm strikes.

Our hurricane protection panel has inimitable mounting systems that can be utilized to address the issues about egress.

In installing the hurricane protection panel, you don’t need any special tools since it already have wingnuts and grommets. It is also corrosion resistant ad very convenient to clean. Even though you are not a professional installer, you can easily install the hurricane protection panel in the comfort of your home.

The panel system of hurricane protection panel will provide you with same protection that is being offered by polycarbonate, aluminum and steel. We at Solara Industries will guarantee our respected clients that they will obtain the top quality of our hurricane protection panel.

By simply using our product, you can be sure that your glass windows and doors are safe from any disaster like hurricane. We at Solara Industries will offer you with money back guarantee and amazing discounts that you will surely love.

This is the perfect time for you to avail our hurricane protection panel and rest assured that you will be astounded with its integral benefits that are worth looking for. If you want to avail our hurricane protection panel, just simply call us today. Get in touch with our friendly staff and they are the one who will assist you with your needs.